2005 update:

The convergence of the cold war history
of mind control and electromagnetic weapons
with new post cold war
government neuroscience research programs

by Cheryl Welsh
Director, Mind Justice
January, 2005

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New and fascinating information on the issue of mind control lacking in mainstream media today and evidence to support an investigation

With personal endorsements of the basic information on electromagnetic weapons and mind control history in this paper, by Dr. Eldon Byrd, former director Marine Corps Nonlethal Electromagnetic Weapons Project and Dr. Rosalie Bertell, epidemiologist and human rights expert

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction  
  2. Recent major developments in neuroscience and weapons research  
  3. The link between the explosion of government neuroscience research and classified cold war/post cold war weapons programs  
  4. Cold war classified, large weapons programs include mind control  
  5. Dr. Robert O. Becker, pioneer bioelectromagnetics scientist  
  6. New neuroscience research includes nonthermal bioeffects  
  7. Weapons research based on nonthermal bioeffects  
  8. Nonthermal bioeffects controversy  
  9. 'Denial of nonthermal bioeffects' is a cover story for US weapons program  
  10. Dr. Ross Adey, bioelectromagnetics researcher dies  
  11. Project Pandora findings; denial of nonthermal bioeffects  
  12. Dr. Adey asks, "How stupid does the US Air Force think the public is?"  
  13. John Norseen's mind control research for national security  
  14. Dr. Norseen's demonstration of mind reading  
  15. A serious cold war/post cold war problem of excessive secrecy  
  16. Post cold war soviet developments; former Duma member Yuriy Lopatin  
  17. Post cold war soviet developments; US Foreign Military Studies Office  
  18. Post cold war soviet developments; Darpa reports by Hudson Institute  
  19. Final analysis; how advanced are US/Russian mind control weapons?  
  20. Conclusion
  21. Mind Justice's position  
  22. A successful model for overcoming excessive government secrecy

Note: In general and for this paper, mind control, electromagnetic weapons, nonlethal weapons, psychotronic weapons, information weapons, neuroweapons, nonthermal bioeffects weapons are or include weapons which target the human brain and body, usually with electromagnetic radiation or magnetic signals.

About the author, Cheryl Welsh

I am a law student at Lincoln Law School in Sacramento, California. I received an AA degree in math and science, a bachelors in physical education from UC Davis in 1991 and a second bachelors in government from California State University, Sacramento. I started a nonprofit IRS-approved research and education organization, Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse (CAHRA) in 1996, now renamed Mind Justice. In 2002, the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) endorsed my paper on nonlethal weapons and cited CAHRA as a nonlethal weapons expert.

I have been interviewed by CNN on the program American Edge in 1997, the 1998 Learning Channel program, Ultrascience III entitled Spies R Us, which also featured a demonstration of microwave auditory effects by Dr. James C. Lin, electrical engineer and Sacramento's KOVR 13 TV News in 2001. The North Bay Progressive published my 2003 article on the total lack of human subject protections for national security experiments even after the 1990s radiation experiments scandal, posted at www.mindjustice.org.

I have many letters of recommendation from human rights experts and professors who support my research but given that mind control is an extremely controversial issue, they wish to remain anonymous. My hope is that this paper will be another step towards the acceptance of mind control as a legitimate and serious public concern.

The information in this paper is very under-reported but scientifically sound nonetheless and therefore my related curriculum vitae and the following two endorsements were included here to show the veracity of this information.

Table of Contents

Endorsement by Dr. Eldon Byrd, former director, Marine Corps Nonlethal Electromagnetic Weapons Project

Dr. Byrd endorsed the basic historical and scientific information about nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation as presented in this paper. He worked with Dr. Adey, met Dr. Delgado, Dr. Becker and others who are pioneers in the field of bioelectromagnetism and I was privileged to work with Dr. Byrd the year before he died of pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Eldon A. Byrd wrote a letter of recommendation for CAHRA's [now Mind Justice] work, excerpt below. Dr. Byrd was quoted in the US News and World Report, July 7th 1997, Wonder Weapons The Pentagon's quest for nonlethal arms is amazing. But is it smart? by Douglas Pasternak. Here is the complete quote on page 45-46;

Low-frequency sleep

From 1980 to 1983, a man named Eldon Byrd ran the Marine Corps Nonlethal Electromagnetic Weapons Project. He conducted most of his research at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, Md. "We were looking at electrical activity in the brain and how to influence it," he says. Byrd, a specialist in medical engineering and bioeffects, funded small research projects, including a paper on vortex weapons by Obolensky. He conducted experiments on animals-and even on himself-to see if brain waves would move into sync with waves impinging on them from the outside. (he found that they would, but the effect was short lived.)

By using very low frequency electromagnetic radiation-the waves way below radio frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum-he found he could induce the brain to release behavior-regulating chemicals. "We could put animals into a stupor," he says, by hitting them with these frequencies. "we got chick brains-in vitro-to dump 80 percent of the natural opiods in their brains," Byrd says. He even ran a small project that used magnetic fields to cause certain brain cells in rats to release histamine. In humans, this would cause instant flulike symptoms and produce nausea. "These fields were extremely weak. They were undetectable," says Byrd. "The effects were nonlethal and reversible. You could disable a person temporarily," Byrd hypothesizes. "It [would have been] like a stun gun."

Byrd never tested any of his hardware in the field, and his program, scheduled for four years, apparently was closed down after two, he says. "The work was really outstanding," he grumbles. "We would have had a weapon in one year." Byrd says he was told his work would be unclassified, "unless it works." Because it worked, he suspects that the program "went black." Other scientists tell similar tales of research on electromagnetic radiation turning top secret once successful results were achieved. There are clues that such work is continuing. In 1995, the annual meeting of four-star US Air Force generals-called -CORONA-reviewed more than 1,000 potential projects. One was called 'Put the Enemy to Sleep/Keep the Enemy/From Sleeping. It called for exploring 'acoustics,' 'microwaves,' and 'brain-wave manipulation' to alter sleep patterns. It was one of only three projects approved for initial investigation.

January 8, 2002

To Whom It May Concern

This letter of recommendation has been prepared to introduce and support both a technology and a person. The person is Cheryl Welsh, a law student and researcher who is engaged in trying to find out what is behind the thousands of cases of reported abuse against humans that is causing pain and suffering to innocent victims. The technology is one which, if applied malevolently, could cause the abuse.
I am qualified to evaluate the technology involved, having been in charge of the US Marine Corps Electromagnetic Non-lethal Weapons Development Project in the early 1980's, wherein it was shown that it was possible to alter the behavior of animals with magnetic fields, and entrain human brain waves remotely. Since then, the technology has progressed to the point where even genetic engineering with fields is possible and demonstrable. That the technology to inflict mind control on human beings exists is beyond question. What Cheryl Welsh intends to examine is if it is being used, and if so, by whom? She should be listened to, not dismissed, and she should be supported, not demeaned. What she has uncovered and will uncover is important to the future of mankind, regardless of whether the technology is now being used, because it's potential for abuse is very real and of concern to us all.

Eldon A. Byrd

Table of Contents

Endorsement by Dr. Rosalie Bertell, epidemiologist and human rights expert

The basic electromagnetic weapons history in this paper were endorsed by Dr. Rosalie Bertell in a previous paper I wrote containing the same basic information. The history of electromagnetic radiation weapons is a specialized, rarely publicized topic known to Dr. Bertell, who documented military microwave zapping of Greenham Commons women nuclear protesters in the 1980s as reported in London Guardian March 10, 1987.

Dr. Rosalie Bertell has a doctorate degree in Biometry, the design of epidemiological research and the mathematical analysis of bio-medical problems. She authored UN reports on the Chernobyl disaster, has five honorary doctorates, numerous peace prizes and more. In an email dated March 12, 2001, Dr. Bertell stated,

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 18:27:42 -0500

Dear Cheryl, I have received your document and I think you have enough information for a documentary report or an article by an investigative reporter. It may raise concern about the issues, but does not prove anything. [Dr. Bertell is referring to the document, EMR Weapons: As Powerful as the Atomic Bomb at www.mindjustice.org]. ...There is some confusion about weapon use and harassment or experimental use, with the latter being harder to document. The health effects which can be attributed to EMR weapons is also, as you know, not established. Your problems are quite similar to that of the atomic bomb victims, including the military, the Japanese and those living downwind of a nuclear test site. Very few of the experienced health effects have ever been admitted. We also deal with the same denial and secrecy with the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo vets exposed to ceramic DU...

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Few people would connect the new growth of neuroscience research with nonlethal electromagnetic weapons programs. The nexus between neuroscience predictions that the brain will be decoded in the 21st century and human rights experts warnings that nonlethal electromagnetic weapons are more powerful than the atomic bomb, is not obvious. But with a few more facts, the significance of the connection becomes very obvious and relevant.

As John Horgan reported in the October, 2004 Discover article entitled Mind Control, scientists agree that the brain cannot be decoded with any sophistication, like the genetic code, with current technology. But major advances are in the works. Few people are aware of the post cold war expansion of programs for nonlethal electromagnetic weapons which target the brain and body. The nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation are any effect other than heating, as in a microwave oven and are the basis of important brain functions. Nonthermal bioeffects would not be the single theory to decode the brain but new neuroscience and weapons programs are receiving significant funding for nonthermal effects research.

The history of the convergence of neuroscience and weapons development presented here is fascinating and reveals serious consequences beyond the atomic bomb. This quote by a Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) scientist illustrates the issue in everyday terms.

Washington AP, May 22, 1988 by Barton Reppert, entitled, Looking at the Moscow Signal, the Zapping of an Embassy 35 years later, The Mystery Lingers,

[Richard S.] Cesaro, [deputy director for advanced sensors at the Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency] helped run the classified [1960s] Project Pandora, in which monkeys were exposed to a 'synthetic Moscow signal' in a laboratory at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. ...Cesaro, in an interview prior to his death two years ago, contended that "in our experiments we did some remarkable things. And there was no question in my mind that you can get into the brain with microwaves."

Arguing that the Soviet bloc's investment of funds, personnel and laboratory facilities in research on non-ionizing radiation bioeffects has far outstripped the West's, he said, "I look at it as still a major, serious, unsettled threat to the security of the United States, ...If you really make the breakthrough, you've got something better than any bomb ever built, because when you finally come down the line you're talking about controlling people's minds,"

Information on classified mind control programs reveals that they did not stop, despite claims by the CIA. The January 29th, 1979, Washington Post article, Book Disputes CIA Chief on Mind-Control Efforts; Work Went On Into 1970s, Author Says, by Bill Richards reported,

Despite assurances last year from Central Intelligence Director Stansfield Turner that the CIA's mind-control program was phased out over a decade ago, the intelligence agency has come up with new documents indicating that the work went on into the 1970s, according to a new book. ... John Marks, the author of the book, said the CIA mind-control researchers did apparently drop their much publicized MK-ULTRA drug-testing program. But they replaced it, according to Marks, with another supersecret behavioral-control project under the agency's Office of Research and Development.

The ORD program used a cover organization set up in the 1960s outside Boston headed by Dr. Edwin Land, the founder of Polaroid, who acted as a "figurehead," said Marks in his book. The project investigated such research as genetic engineering, development of new strains of bacteria, and mind control.

A freedom of information act request for program details was denied.

The fifty year history of nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation and it's growing significance for neuroscience and nonlethal weapons is a key factor for uncovering evidence of mind control weapons. Today, nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation are the basis for very important neurological and biological processes, according to new government documents. The nonthermal bioeffects theory is the basis for very powerful mind control weapons, according to scientists.

It is important to note; the US government's official policy on the nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation during the cold war was; there is no proof of nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the US government's official policy took an about-face and new post cold war neuroscience research programs and electromagnetic weapons programs based on the nonthermal bioeffects have begun. This paper will include;

Government reports on funding of 1)three new Apollo-like government neuroscience research projects, 2)cold war, very classified nonlethal electromagnetic weapons programs and 3)expansion of funding for electromagnetic weapons as described in three unrelated, major post cold war defense reports,

Evidence of suppression/secrecy classification of nonthermal bioeffects research,1) statements by two scientists whose pioneering research on nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation have withstood the test of time and who spoke out in spite of the US government's official cold war policy denying that nonthermal bioeffects exist, and 2) the recent post cold war government funding of one of the scientist's research, years after losing cold war government funding for speaking out,

Evidence of current funding of classified 'mind control' electromagnetic technology; 1) Lockheed Martin scientist who demonstrated electromagnetic mind control technology and whose work is classified in part,

Government secrecy policies and control of information available to the public and control of research funding for neuroscience, electromagnetic radiation bioeffects and nonlethal weapons programs,

Legislation to ban russian mind control by the prominent Duma member V.N. Lopatin and post cold war military analyst's government reports on expanding electromagnetic and russian mind control programs,

New information presented here and rarely reported in mainstream media, clarifies conflicting information available on mind control and nonlethal electromagnetic weapons and documents the fact that classified weapons to target the brain and body began during the cold war and continue to expand, to the present time. The passage of time and new information has revealed how advanced the weapons probably are.

Table of Contents

2. Apollo-like new programs in neuroscience and the connection to national security

Neuroscience today is comparable to genetics research twenty years ago. According to many scientists, it is a matter of years or decades before scientists will understand how the brain works. Defense Advanced Research Projects scientist John Chapin was quoted in the October, 2004 Discover Magazine article entitled, Mind Control. "The neural code [is] right up there with two other great scientific mysteries: the origin of the universe and of life on earth. The neural code is arguably the most consequential of the three." But the article continues, "...the neural code may be the hardest to solve." The focus of this paper is on neuroscience research for national security purposes.

"During the 1940s and 50s, the bulk of psychological research was provided by national security agencies that were interested in gaining an advantage during the cold war", reported ethicist Jonathan D. Moreno in a February, 2003 Neuroscience article entitled, Mind Wars. Dr. Moreno is referring in part to research by the CIA, the infamous Mkultra program which included research on the human effects of LSD and the effects of electromagnetic radiation for control of animals and humans, as described in a well-documented 1978 book by law professor Allen Scheflin, The Mind Manipulators.

Beginning with the 21st century, there has been enormous government funding of big science projects to decode the brain and its mysteries and to find megatechnologies to manipulate the neurology of humans. Here are three examples.

First, the Department of Commerce, June, 2002, four-hundred page report entitled, Converging Technologies For Improving Human Performance (http://www.wtec.org/ConvergingTechnologies/) recommends a 'human cognome project'. A London Times April 29, 2003 article, Welcome to the Nanostate reported that the government calls this effort 'NBIC (Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno)', an Apollo-like program, and its director, Mihail Roco of the National Science Foundation has secured the US's biggest government commitment to technological research since the space programme, uniting the military, NASA, leading high-tech companies and the NSF(National Science Foundation) in a single vision with the goal of wiring together biotechnology. Jim Spohrer, chief technology officer at IBM described this program as "enabling a godlike level of control over knowledge, matter, mind and life."

Page 85-86, 2002 Converging Technologies Report;

...The convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science could create new scientific methodologies, engineering paradigms, and industrial products... By uniting these disciplines, science would become ready to succeed in a rapid program to understand the structure and functions of the human mind, The Human Cognome Project. Truly, the mind is the final frontier, and unraveling its mysteries will have tremendous practical benefits. ...

The Human Cognome Project It is time to launch a Human Cognome Project, comparable to the successful Human Genome Project, to chart the structure and functions of the human mind. No project would be more fundamental to progress throughout science and engineering, or would require a more complete unification of NBIC sciences. ...While the research would include a complete mapping of the connections in the human brain, it would be far more extensive than neuroscience. ...Some participants in the human cognition and communication working group were impressed by the long-term potential for uploading aspects of individual personality to computers and robots, thereby expanding the scope of human experience, action, and longevity.

Page 287 National Security, Theme Summary

Investment in convergent nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science [NBIC] is expected to result in innovative technologies that revolutionize many domains of conflict and peacekeeping. ...As former Defense Secretary William J. Perry has noted, these are the technological breakthroughs that are "changing the face of war and how we prepare for war." There are numerous special programs, reports and presentations that address these goals. The Department of Defense has designated nanoscience as a strategic research area in order to accelerate the expected benefits (Murday 1999). ...

Applications of brain-machine interface. The convergence of all four NBIC fields will give warfighters the ability to control complex entities by sending control actions prior to thoughts (cognition) being fully formed. The intent is to take brain signals (nanotechnology for augmented sensitivity and nonintrusive signal detection) and use them in a control strategy (information technology), and then impart back into the brain the sensations of feedback signals (biotechnology).

The second major government neuroscience project is the 2002, two year, $24 million, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), government initiative which is actively funding neural research "to explore brain-computer interfacing and to create devices that allow one person's brain to communicate wirelessly with another's." In a Technology Review, May, 2003 article entitled, Mind-machine Merger, scientists discuss the need for a noninvasive brain signal detection technology, admit their work is speculative but "no longer view them [communicating wirelessly with another and upgrading thoughts, using thoughts to power machines...etc.] as pure fantasy."

The third major government neuroscience project is the $700 million Nanotechnology Initiative, a 2000 government-run program, which includes the proposal and funding of research for methods of noninvasive neural probes and monitors, and direct brain to computer communication. Ten federal agencies fund the initiative including National Institute of Health and the Defense Department. Government Executive February, 2003 article on the Initiative stated;

"Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems wrote in the April 2000 Wired Magazine that "Unfortunately, as with nuclear technology, it is far easier to create destructive uses for nanotechnology than constructive ones. Nanotechnology has clear military and terrorist uses." But Richard Russell, Associate Director for Technology at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, stated, "the kind of research that we're talking about is in areas that are directly helpful to both our economy and things like human health. ...It's research that's going to be beneficial to the human race."

Government reports are generally not designed with the public in mind. The three new government neuroscience projects are far reaching and the many news articles on the new neuroscience military research describe very futuristic high hopes with few details. Most of the information lacks even a minimum of scientific evidence and detail. The direction of research, some of which is classified, is influenced by military funding. The reports are limited to generalized ethical concerns. The reports present the public with a biased view and a lack of solid information in which to evaluate the government claims.

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3. The link between the explosion of government neuroscience research and classified cold war/post cold war weapons programs

The new neuroethics conferences have not included military research in their discussions and yet many articles describe weapons which target the nervous system and brain. This summary of 2004 developments, includes the long-term military interest in nonlethal, electromagnetic weapons and human rights expert's comments on the continuing problem of excessive secrecy. The excessive secrecy prevents evaluation of the new weapons by human rights groups. The Reuters World Service, May 30, 1996, Microwave and acoustic weapons pose new threats, Jim Della-Giacoma reported;

"...There are indications that [electromagnetic weapons] may have adverse affects on the brain," she [Louise Doswald-Beck, Deputy Head of the legal division of the Geneva-based ICRC(International Committee for the Red Cross)] ...Doswald-Beck said all developed countries were doing research on microwave and acoustic weapons. "The U.S. makes a lot of mention of it in its specialised literature but then they say it's classified. The same goes with some European countries. The West assumes that Russia's doing it, but it is kept under wraps," she said. Doswald-Beck said the ICRC was unable to do the early research on banning microwave and acoustic weapons because they were shrouded in secrecy.

The comparable cold war russian electromagnetic weapons programs indicates the importance of the weapons and a cold war competition with the US. Evidence of weapons programs in US and Russia can be found in UN documents. Certainly the conclusion can be made that if one super power were developing new weapons, the other would have to follow suit. US officials knew of possible electromagnetic weapons in 1977 and the official response was reported in the New York Times, August 12, 1977, page 7,

US rejects Soviet proposals at Geneva Disarmament Conference for comprehensive international treaty banning new weapons of mass destruction. US representative Adrian Fisher says US believes best approach is to work out separate agreements outlawing specific weapons, once they become public knowledge. Soviet delegate Viktor I. Likhachev says that 'important component' of revised version is list of types of armaments to be prohibited. Proposed list covers non-explosive radioactive weapons, infrasonic and electromagnetic radiation weapons.

First, an overview of electromagnetic nonlethal weapons from Bulletin of Atomic Scientist, September, 1994 article entitled, Softkill Fallacy by Steve Aftergood. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg writes;

Many of the non-lethal weapons under consideration utilize infrasound or electromagnetic energy (including lasers, microwave or radio-frequency radiation, or visible light pulsed at brain-wave frequency) for their effects. These weapons are said to cause temporary or permanent blinding, interference with mental processes, modification of behavior and emotional response, seizures, severe pain, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea, or disruption of internal organ functions in various other ways.

Bradford Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project(BNLWRP) Research Report No. 5 by Neil Davison and Nick Lewer, May, 2004 reported the following new information and issues concerning weapons which target the brain. Report posted at; http://www.bradford.ac.uk/acad/nlw/research_reports/

Page 36;

Robin M. Coupland FRCS, Medical Adviser, Legal Division, International Committee of the Red Cross, ...But what about an eye-attack laser, or a foam which sticks the people to the ground and to each other or, as is apparently being researched, the means to alter brain function with electromagnetic waves. The precise effects of such weapons - when used for real - in terms of mortality and residual disability or civilian deaths and injuries are not known with any certainty. But in contrast to weapons which injure by missile or explosive force, few medical people would recognize, let alone be able to treat such unusual effects.

Page 15 of the 2004 Bradford report;

Strategic Use of NLWs; Defense Science Board

The Defense Science Board, an advisory committee to the DOD [Department of Defense], published a report in February, 2004 entitled 'Defense Science Board Task Force on Future Strategic Strike Forces'. One of their conclusions advocated non-lethal weapons for strategic use;

Non-lethal effects directed at the physiological or psychological functions of specific individuals or the populace. Applications of biological, chemical, or electromagnetic radiation effects on humans should be pursued. R&D into sophisticated psychological operations designed to change the minds of individuals or the populace is needed. Techniques could include projection of sounds and images to specific points in space. The Joint Non-lethal Weapons Program Directorate should broaden its tactical and operational focus to consider the strategic applications and associated treaty issues of non-lethal weapons.73

73 Defense Science Board (2004) Defense Science Board Task Force on Future Strategic Strike Forces. Office of the Under Secretary of Defense For Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics: Washington DC

The Defense Science Board excerpt describes recommendations for future research and are based in part on nonthermal effects of electromagnetic radiation. This illustrates the change in US cold war policy of denial of nonthermal effects. The weapons are for military, rather than intelligence mind control weapons like the CIA's Mkultra program and include psychological weapons for targeting individuals and the populace. Few people are aware that a significant amount of neuroscience research is conducted by the military.

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4. Cold war classified, large weapons programs include mind control

The 1999 Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR) report entitled, Non-Lethal Technologies: Progress and Prospects illustrates the already developed and very large classified programs which include neuroscience and nonlethal weapons. The subsequent 2004 Council on Foreign Relations report is also included below to demonstrate the ongoing interservice conflicts and lack of accountability. The 1999 report is available on the CFR website at http://www.cfr.org/ Thanks to Harlan Girard of International Offensive Against Microwave Weapons for this information. First, the 1999 CFR report excerpt;

Once developed, these weapons [NLW or nonlethal weapons] must be deployed coherently, in synergistic coordination with information/psychological warfare technologies and conventional weaponry. Finally, various NLW programs dispersed throughout the individual services should be coordinated by the existing Joint Nonlethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD). ...

And until January 1999, the directorate essentially had no access to joint programs in information warfare or psychological warfare. Nor did its brief extend to Air Force and Navy programs in nonlethal weapons. To reduce barriers between the Joint Nonlethal Weapons Directorate and what are said to be 'large programs' in psychological warfare, information warfare, and nonlethal weapons with strategic potential, a so-called insight program was established. As a result, a few individuals in the directorate now have an overview of these programs. ...

Recommendations ...5. Department of Defense policy for nonlethal weapons is inadequate in practice. The substantial barriers that exist between the Joint Nonlethal Weapons Directorate, with its focus on research and development for tactical applications, and the apparently larger Air Force and Navy classified programs constitute an impediment to the desired single, optimum nonlethal weapons program that is required to exploit the full potential of these weapons and that is mandated by Congress. ...

In a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) adopted June 23, 1999, the services agreed to "coordinate and integrate the development of all nonlethal weapon programs and activities through the DOD nonlethal weapons Executive Agent." While this seems to be progress, the new MOA codifies restrictions-e.g., "insight, not financial oversight"-and limits access-e.g., "monitor status of service-unique programs through annual status briefings from the responsible service.

The 2004 Council of Foreign Relations report, Nonlethal Weapons and Capabilities is posted here; http://www.cfr.org/

Page 19 of the 2004 Report of an Independent Task Force Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, entitled Nonlethal Weapons and Capabilities recommended that skilled engineers and scientists work on directed energy, electromagnetic coupling, modeling and physiology. Page 21 described the lack of access to classified programs such as cyber warfare, electronic and communications warfare, although the legislative mandate required access. Page 25 discussed already existing and much larger classified programs in the individual services that were not accessible to current nonlethal weapons development programs. Page 36 described the recommendation that more access to classified programs be made available so that coordination can take place and redundancy can be avoided.

How advanced the weapons are, cannot be determined from government reports. Most articles and government reports describe nonlethal electromagnetic weapons as heavily classified and little more. The military has not publicly used these weapons and there is no official reason given for the long-term heavy classification. One possible explanation, as many experts have stated; electromagnetic weapons and mind control weapons as powerful as the atomic bomb in their effects. For example;

1986 Press Conference on Gorbachev's Nuclear Arms Elimination Proposals. BBC "Weapons based on new physical principles would include, ... beam, radio-wave, infrasonic, geophysical and genetic weapons. In their strike characteristics these types of weapons might be no less dangerous than mass strike weapons. The Soviet Union considers it necessary to establish a ban on the development of arms of this kind."

Although not well-known, clearly, nonlethal weapons directly involve neuroscience research. For example from Scotland on Sunday, August 3, 1997, It's war, Jim, but not as we know it, by Jimie Dettmer;

The Pentagon's exotic weapons programme, led by the Air Force, is cloaked in ultra-secrecy which forbids any public comment by scientists. ...The US Marine Corps has done research at its lab in Maryland on electromagnetic weapons,... "We were looking at electrical acivity in the brain and how to influence it," scientist Eldon Byrd said recently. Electromagnetic radiation-basically waves below radio frequencies- was found to prompt human or animal brains to release chemicals that affect behaviour.

The military interest in nonlethal electromagnetic weapons continues to grow. Aerospace Daily February 27, 2004, Task force calls for major push in nonlethal weapons by Jefferson Morris reported;

An independent task force sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations is recommending that the Department of Defense greatly increase funding for nonlethal weapons (NLW) and promote their use by the armed services. "We're serious about this," task force co-chair and former Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Paul Kelley (ret.) said at a press conference in Washington Feb. 26. "This probably is one of the most important additions ... to the military capabilities that I have seen in well over several decades."

The Navy Times, February 16, 2004, Nonlethal weapons gain favor, by Christian Lowe reported the Joint Nonlethal Weapons Directorate budget had nearly doubled in fiscal 2004, to $44 million, for development and testing of nonlethal weapons. The Defense AT & L July 1, 2004 reported; The Defense Department's Director of Force Transformation, retired Vice Adm. Arthur K. Cebrowski, said, "...the United States must accelerate and expand its work in nonlethal weapons, directed and redirected energy, and biomedical response."

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5. Dr. Robert O. Becker, pioneer bioelectromagnetics researcher

As reported in the London Guardian Newspaper, February 2, 1991, War in the desert by Simon North, Dr. Robert O. Becker has twice been nominated for a Nobel prize for his work in bio-electromagnetism and had been the recipient of a prestigious US award for his medical research. Dr. Becker's cold war era research on the nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation has withstood the test of time. While the military denied nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation during the cold war, Dr. Robert O. Becker disagreed and described his 1970s loss of government funding for nonthermal electromagnetic bioeffect research in his 1990 book entitled, Crosscurrents, Perils of Electropollution. Now weapons and neuroscience research government reports are building on and reporting funding of research very similar to his thirty year old nonthermal bioeffects research.

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6. New neuroscience research includes nonthermal bioeffects

The 2002 Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance, has elaborated on Dr. Becker's research as described in his 1985 book, The Body Electric; Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life. One example of Dr. Becker's research, page 238 of Body Electric;

We also found that we could work backward, using the [brain] currents to produce anesthesia. A strong enough magnetic field oriented at right angles to a current magnetically 'clamped' it, stopping the flow. By placing frogs and salamanders between poles of an electromagnet so that the back to front current in their heads was perpendicular to the magnetic lines of force, we could anesthetize the animals just as well as we could with chemicals, and EEG recordings of magnetic and chemical anesthesia were identical. We got the same effect by passing a current through the brain from front to back, canceling out the normal current of waking consciousness, as in electrosleep.

The 2002 Converging Technologies Report is now proposing similar research thirty years later. Page 355-6 of the report;

Non-drug Treatments for Enhancement of Human Performance, Robert Asher, Sandia Laboratories

Drug companies spend an average of $800 million to develop new drugs that may have negative side effects. An alternative is to develop non-drug approaches to human performance enhancement. ...Consider the use of externally applied, non-dangerous electromagnetic fields ...that enhance human performance.

...What other changes can be engineered by a specifically shaped electromagnetic pulse that might enhance human performance without pharmaceuticals? ...This investigation may spawn a new industry in which the human is enhanced by externally applied electromagnetic pulses so shaped as to enhance specific biochemical changes within the body without drugs...

Fund work towards the goal of understanding in detail the effects of electromagnetics on cellular systems and on cognition.

Consider cellular electrochemical and structural changes and actions imposed by electromagnetics.

Fund work towards electromagnetic and biochemical dynamical modeling of cellular systems in order to both understand electromagnetic and biochemical aspects, as well as to optimize the shape of electromagnetic pulses to impose desired cell changes without inducing side effects.

Nonthermal bioeffects research was rarely openly discussed by the US government during the cold war. Not so, thiry years later; now government funding of research similar to Dr. Becker's animal experiments and recommendations for futher exploration of nonthermal bioeffects are plainly evident. The actual funding of electromagnetic technologies for keeping soldiers and pilots awake and alert for up to five days at a time by 'zapping' their brain with electromagnetic energy was reported by The Telegraph, January 6, 2003, Scientists seek 'super-soldiers' formula. The article quoted Jan Walker, spokesman for Darpa, (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), who confirmed funding of this research at Columbia University, New York, Neurological Science Department.

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7. Weapons research based on nonthermal bioeffects

The US government has long funded classified research in the basic theory of nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation. The 1990 description of weapons, below, is similar to the description in the 2002 Converging Technologies report above and also very similar to Dr. Becker's basic research on animals in the 1960s and 1970s. The 1992 International Review of the Red Cross, November 1, 1990, Development of New Antipersonnel Weapons by Doswald-Beck and Caderay described directed energy weapons as follows;

Research work in this field has been carried out in almost all industrialized countries,... In spite of the rarity of publications on this subject, and the fact that it is usually strictly classified information, research undertaken in this field seems to have demonstrated that very small amounts of electromagnetic radiation could appreciably alter the functions of living cells.

Research work has also revealed that pathological effects close to those induced by highly toxic substances could be produced by electromagnetic radiation even at very low power, especially those using a pulse shape containing a large number of different frequencies.

...Some research seems to have confirmed that low-level electromagnetic fields, modulated to be similar to normal brainwaves, could seriously affect brain function. Experiments with pulsed magnetic fields carried out in animals have reportedly produced specific effects such as inducing sleep and triggering anxiety or aggressiveness, depending on the modulation of the frequency used.

...It is, on the other hand, well known that lethal effects can also be produced using higher power levels than those used for the experiments on behaviour modification. An anti-personnel weapons based on such biophysical principles could produce similar effects to those of a nerve gas, but would have no secondary effects and leave no lasting trace.

This illustrates how the government can control neuroscience research by funding and classifying the research. The US government has a long-term interest in electromagnetic radiation bioeffects, the research is very classified and no weapons have been publicly used; all indicators of a powerful technology and national security issue.

The long-term military interest in the psychological effects of electromagnetic radiation is also relevant, as reported in the television documentary, Opening Pandora's Box, 1984, produced by David Jones for Fulcrum Central Productions, which aired on BBC Channel 4. On the BBC program, Dr. Becker stated that he was asked by the CIA in early 60s to determine whether pilots shot down and captured by Soviets in the 1960s could possibly have been exposed to electromagnetic radiation without them realizing it and would that have caused personality change. The pilots were tested psychologically before and when they came home.

A dramatic change in test results was found. The question posed by the CIA was; Can you change, entrain brainwaves with an external source? "Pilots did not report bad treatment and were not aware of any emr exposure by Soviets during debriefing sessions." They were interned by the Soviets for two to six weeks and returned with "considerable personality alterations".

The CIA wanted to know if there was a relationship between the Moscow Embassy and flight crews that would cause personality alteration? Dr. Becker stated "yes, there is a distinct possibility, we don't know at this time for sure."

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8. The nonthermal bioeffects controversy

The basic controversy over nonthermal effects of electromagnetic radiation was firmly established by the military's heavy dependence on electromagnetic technologies for radars, electronic systems, antennas, etc. If nonthermal bioeffects were found to affect the health of military personnel, lawsuits and costly preventive measures would be required, therefore the standard for exposure to electromagnetic radiation was set above the nonthermal bioeffects level.

The 1984 BBC TV documentary, Opening Pandora's Box, explained;

The safety standards for electromagnetic radiation, emr, were set higher in the 1950s to allow the military to have unlimited use of emr technology. At the time, American science reports suggesting emr health effects of brain tumors, heart conditions, leukemia, cataracts and more, were ignored. The military was a major source of funding and reports were not followed up. The government safety levels for emr were challenged in courts all around the world.

Microwave News, a journal on nonionizing radiation, for example, reported that radar men opposed microwave tower emr health dangers. Air traffic controllers and police officers filed complaints. These court cases revolved around the validity of the safety standard. Dr. Milton Zaret, another Pandora scientist explained that most government committees who set the safety standards around the world were set up the in the same way as in the U.S. Members of the committee did not want to impede or put restraints on progress by tightening the safety standards for emr.

Dr. Becker explained the how the government suppressed nonthermal bioeffects research in his 1990 book, Crosscurrents, The Perils of Electropollution.

The chapter entitled, The Hidden Hand on the Switch: Military Uses of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, page 297;

The military organism was designed on the 10 mW standard and, once in place, it had to be defended against the possibility of nonthermal bioeffects. The recognition and validation of these effects would mean the collapse of the total organism and the death of C3I,(for command, control, communications, and intelligence). ...evidence for nonthermal effects was viewed as a threat to national security.

Control over the scientific establishment was maintained by allocating research funds in such a way as to ensure that only 'approved' projects -- that is projects that would not challenge the thermal-effect standard -- would be undertaken. ...In some instances, scientists were told that nonthermal effects did occur, but that national security objectives required that they be exceptionally well established before they became public knowledge.

All of these reports shared certain characteristics. Scientific data indicating nonthermal bioeffects were either ignored or subjected to extensive and destructive review. ...while a statement such as 'There is no evidence for any effects of pulsed magnetic fields on humans' would have been literally true, it would have ignored the many reports of such effects on laboratory animals and the fact that no actual tests had been conducted on humans.

Scientists who persisted in publicly raising the issue of harmful effects from any portion of the electromagnetic spectrum were discredited, and their research grants were taken away.

Deployment of powerful and exotic electromagnetic systems continues, with little, if any, consideration given to the potential impact of these systems on the health and safety of the public.

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9. Denial of nonthermal bioeffects is a cover story for US weapons program

On the 1984 BBC documentary, Dr. Becker stated; "the best cover story [for a large, classified electromagnetic weapons program] is that, based on best American scientist's [opinions], the [US] nation has discarded [the theory of athermal] health effects from emr [electromagnetic radiation], entirely." In fact, this was the official US position. Post cold war articles prove that Dr. Becker was right.  One of the many articles discussing post cold war funding of electromagnetic weapons includes the July, 7, 1997 US News and World Report, Wonder Weapons, by Douglas Pasternak; "For hundreds of years, sci-fi writers have imagined weapons that might use energy waves or pulses to know out, knock down, or otherwise disable enemies-without necessarily killing them.  And for a good 40 years the U.S. military has quietly been pursuing weapons of this sort.  Much of this work is still secret, and it has yet to produce a usable 'nonlethal' weapon.  ...Scores of new contracts have been let, and scientists, aided by government research on the 'bioeffects' of beamed energy, are searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that can affect human behavior."

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10. Dr. Ross Adey, bioelectromagnetics researcher dies

Dr. Adey was an outspoken advocate, for example, at a 1987 congressional hearing about the lack of research on nonthermal bioeffects. Dr. Adey put the blame on military and corporate interests. As reported in Microwave News, May, 2004, http://www.microwavenews.com/may_04.html#may20;

Ross Adey died on May 20th at the age of 82 after a long battle against a series of bronchial infections. Adey, a medical doctor, was a towering figure in the EMF community, who was equally at ease talking about the most recent papers in the biological and medical literature or dissecting the arcane engineering details of an experimental setup. He is perhaps best known for discovering, with Suzanne Baldwin, the first non-thermal effect of electromagnetic radiation during the 1970s: They showed how ELF-modulated RF signals can lead to the release of calcium ions from cells.

While at the Brain Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, he worked with the Department of Defense on Project Pandora, the super-secret program that sought a way to use electromagnetic radiation for mind control.

In the late 1970s, Adey set up a new lab at the VA Hospital in Loma Linda, CA, where he carried out studies on the role of power frequency EMFs in the promotion of cancer and later, on the potential cancer risks following exposure to cell phone radiation. As the chair of a committee of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) investigating ELF health effects, Adey made waves by recommending strong action to curb public exposures. He endorsed a 2 mG exposure standard for 50/60 Hz EMFs (see MWN, J/A95). This was too radical for the NCRP leadership and today, close to ten years later, the council continues to refuse to release his report.

Adey prompted another stir when his studies of long-term exposure to cell phone radiation pointed to what appeared to be a protective effect -that is, exposed mice developed fewer tumors (see MWN, M/J96, J/A96 and S/O99). Motorola, which paid for Adey's experiments, repudiated this finding and soon afterwards stopped supporting his lab. It closed down a short time later. In an interview with Fortune magazine in October 2000, Adey urged that research continue: "There is a big task ahead to define what the lowest level of safe exposure could be," he said, predicting that, "Wherever we go we will be immersed in a sea of low-level pulsed microwave signals." A memorial service will be held in a few weeks in the Los Angeles area.

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11. Project Pandora findings; denial of nonthermal bioeffects

As mentioned in the Microwave News article, Dr. Adey conducted research on Project Pandora. The 1984 BBC TV documentary, Opening Pandora's Box explained the history of this 1960s US project.

The Soviets started bombarding the American Embassy in Moscow with a directional microwave beam with a mix of frequencies ranging from 2.5-4.1 GHz (gigahertz) in 1953 and the US government funded Project Pandora to find out why. Project Pandora was "a top secret multimillion dollar program". Top scientific experts were consulted by the American Government "about the meaning of microwaving" of the Moscow Embassy. "Five presidents kept it secret". President Johnson complained to the Soviet Premier Kosygin who claimed that he was unaware of the signal and would be sure that it was turned off.

Officially the Soviets did not admit that they were microwaving the Embassy. But the bombardment of the Moscow Embassy continued. It began in 1953 and in 1975 the signals changed with lower power signals.

A May 22, 1988 AP article entitled, The Zapping of an Embassy: 35 Years Later, The Mystery Lingers by Barton Reppert reported; "In 1976 Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger tells a news conference that "this issue is a matter of great delicacy which has many ramifications." He declines to go into detail. ...In 1988, microwave signals in the 5-11 GHz range continue to be detected at the Moscow embassy... the State department reported."

David Jones, producer of 1984 BBC documentary, Opening Pandora's Box, asked Dr. Koslov, director of Project Pandora; "In terms of science there seems to be two possibilities, one is that behavior and health are affected by emr and the second is the creation of a new genre of weapons and that its conceivable that it is a totally black area of research. Dr. Koslov replied that back in 1965, there was alot of conjecture and hypothesis about that. That's why it led to Project Pandora. Since then, I don't think there is very much possibility, that there is, at this point in time, there doesn't seem to be.

Dr. Sam Koslov,... continued, "[We] thought about it, don't get me wrong,... but nothing was found, it doesn't look like [there is]...militarily at this time, there is no emr weapons potential. There is nothing to the biological effects claim. There is an amount of power problem."

David Jones asked Dr. Koslov why he thought that the Soviets were microwaving the Embassy. Dr. Koslov replied that "I would rather not discuss it [because] it would get into security areas."

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12. Dr. Adey asks, "How stupid does the US Air Force think the public is?"

Dr. Adey wrote a 2002 letter lambasting the post cold war about-face, US Air Force policy on nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation and the hypocrisy of the USAF Research Lab's, hosting of the Third International Symposium on Nonthermal Medical/Biological Treatments Using Electromagnetic Fields and Ionized Gases. Dr. Adey asked the question, "How stupid does the USAF think the public is?" A copy of the letter with documented details of the USAF's entrenched and long standing nonthermal bioeffects policy is posted at: http://www.emrnetwork.org/position/adey_jostes_nas_panel.pdf. Dr. Adey's research and advocacy will be greatly missed.

The 2004 book, Bioelectromagnetic Medicine edited by Dr. Paul J. Rosch and Dr. Marko S. Markov can be found in the UC Davis Medical library. Dr. Rosch wrote the following excerpt on the few trailblazers in the field of bioelectromagnetic medicine, including Dr. Adey and Dr. Becker.

In the decade to come, it is safe to predict, bioelectromagnetics will assume a therapeutic importance equal to, or greater than, that of pharmacology and surgery today. With proper interdisciplinary effort, significant inroads can be made in controlling the ravages of cancer, some forms of heart disease, arthritis, hormonal disorders, and neurological scrounges such as Alzheimer's disease, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis. This prediction is not pie-in-the-sky. Pilot studies and biological mechanisms already described in primordial terms, form a rational basis for such a statement- J. Andrew L. Bassett, 1992

Andy Bassett was one of the early advocates of the use of electromagnetic fields for uniting fractures that refused to heal. Unfortunately, he died before he could see that his prophecy would come true well ahead of schedule. In many respects this book is a tribute to him and other pioneers such as Bob Becker, Abe Liboff, Bjorn Nordenstrom, and Ross Adey who recognized the vast potential of bioelectromagnetic medicine and have helped to put it on a solid scientific footing.

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13. John Norseen's national security mind control research

Most people are unaware of the extent of government control in national security matters of, 1) research funding and 2) available public information. This is true for mind control research. In 2001, John Norseen, a Lockheed Martin neuroscientist, demonstrated promising mind control research, according to US News, which was subsequently described as promising future defense research in a 2002 major government report and after 2002 just disappeared. Norseen's research is a rare glimpse into government neuroscience/mind control research and the process of government funding and secrecy.

Research on human mind control for national security is seldom addressed by neuroscientists and unclassified scientific literature on military mind control is scarce. Most neuroscientists describe mind control as futuristic. The following articles report that Norseen's research is funded by the Pentagon, is classified in part, has actually been demonstrated and is recommended for future research by major government defense agencies.

US News & World Report January 3-10, 2000, John Norseen Reading your mind-and injecting smart thoughts, Douglas Pasternak described Norseen's work; "The key is finding 'brain prints'." "Think of your hand touching a mirror," explains Norseen. "It leaves a fingerprint." BioFusion would reveal the fingerprints of the brain by using mathematical models. "Just like you can find one person in a million through fingerprints," he says, "you can find one thought in a million."

Signal Magazine, Decoding Minds, October, 2001 by Dr. John D. Norseen of Lockheed Martin reported; "We are at the point where this database has been developed enough that we can use a single electrode or something like an airport security system where there is a dome above our head to get enough information that we can know the number you're thinking,"

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14. Dr. Norseen's demonstration of mind reading.

In the New York Times December 9, 2001, The Year in Ideas: A TO Z.; The Lie Detector That Scans Your Brain, Clive Thompson reported; "John Norseen, a scientist with Lockheed Martin, is often able to discern when subjects are thinking of particular numbers. He predicts that by 2005, brain mappers will be able to automatically scan the skulls of everyone going through airports to search for potential hijackers. ...But after the Sept. 11 attacks, the FBI and CIA are taking a closer look at brain mapping. And the Department of Defense is helping finance Norseen's research."

The Washington Times, August 17, 2002, NASA plans to read terrorist's minds at airport by Frank J. Murray;

Airport security screeners may soon try to read the minds of travelers to identify terrorists. Officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have told Northwest Airlines security specialists that the agency is developing brain-monitoring devices in cooperation with a commercial firm, which it did not identify. Space technology would be adapted to receive and analyze brain-wave and heartbeat patterns, then feed that data into computerized programs 'to detect passengers who potentially might pose a threat,' according to briefing documents obtained by The Washington Times.

NASA wants to use 'noninvasive neuro-electric sensors,' imbedded in gates, to collect tiny electric signals that all brains and hearts transmit. Computers would apply statistical algorithms to correlate physiologic patterns with computerized data on travel routines, criminal background and credit information from 'hundreds to thousands of data sources,' NASA documents say.

The 2002 NSF Converging Technologies report included a description matching Norseen's research. Dr. Robert Asher of federal government Sandia Laboratories endorsed funding of nonthermal effects research and the last lines of the description below sounds very similar to Dr. Norseen's research. Page 356-8;

Develop a program that will explore the use of electromagnetics for enhancement of human performance. This program will be multidisciplinary in orientation, utilizing, ...

information technology in that the pulses need to be so shaped as to cause desired interconnected cell electromagnetic responses of cognition by external fields. ...

Nano. The brain-machine effort will require nanotechnologies in order to make the required experimental measurements and to implement the devices for both receiving brain electromagnetic signals and transmitting signals back into the brain. ...

Bio. This is a highly biological, neuroscience effort, which requires detailed understanding and measurements of the brain's electromagnetic activity. It requires a significant measurement protocol. ...

Cogno. This effort by its very nature will directly affect the cognitive aspects of the individual by externally applied electromagnetic fields by implanting information for the individual. Thus, this effort can lead to increased learning and other cognitive results.

Like most government reports on subjects involving classified research or weapons, there is seldom hard evidence. Dr. Asher likewise describes future military research with no citations. No further information on Norseen's research has been reported in the news after the 2002 article. The NASA public affairs office has subsequently reported they do not have plans to pursue airport neurosensing technologies and do not have mind reading capabilities. Norseen's research was described as futuristic and promising, according to the US News account. For the research to just disappear after 2002 is an indication that Norseen's mind reading and electromagnetic radiation bioeffects research went 'black' or became classified. In this way, the government keeps national security-related mind control research almost completely out of the public eye.

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15. A serious cold war/post cold war problem of excessive secrecy

Understanding how the US secrecy system works is key to understanding the mind control issue. Government secrecy policy is only occasionally in the news and experts across a wide spectrum say there is too much secrecy. The several examples below include, lifelong censorship agreements, government secrecy reforms never adopted, cover stories used by defense contractors and voluntary media censorship of stories with national security implications.

The UPI July 27, 1987 article 'Black budget' thrives under Reagan; Pentagon's secret spending reaches $25 billion, by John Hanrahan reported;

"The General Accounting Office reports that under the Reagan administration 223,855 present and former Defense Department officials with high-level security clearances have signed lifelong censorship agreements to submit for advance review written materials, including speeches, testimony and articles to be published."

Former Senator Daniel Moynihan, chairman of the 1997 Secrecy, Report of the Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy conducted a review of US secrecy rules and called for major reforms which were never adopted.

A US News & World Report, March 22, 1993, Keeping research under wraps, by Stephen Budiansky, described cover stories used by contractors.

Aftergood [Federation of American Scientist, Secrecy Bulletin editor] and many other critics -- including H-bomb co-inventor Edward Teller -- are pushing for automatic declassification after a set period of time, a policy introduced by President Nixon but reversed under President Reagan. Another proposal would eliminate special access programs, or at least 'black' programs -- SAPs whose very existence is a secret. (A guide to contractors says that cover stories may be established to hide such programs but cautions that they ''must be believable.)

Intelligence agencies have asked the media to suppress stories, as reported by Jeffrey Richelson in the 2001 book, Wizards of Langley. The book is about the Directorate of Science and Technology at CIA, based on declassified documents. Richelson reported that "in 1972, New York Times investigative reporter Seymour Hersh had learned of the Glomar Explorer's true mission but had agreed to withhold exposing it at the request of DCI [Director of Central Intelligence] William Colby and the cover story had held." It was subsequently reported in a 1975 Los Angeles Times article that the Glomar Explorer was actually excavating a soviet submarine from it's ocean grave.

Richelson explained; "On February 7, 1975, a Los Angeles Times story, ...revealed the project, although the story was pushed onto page eighteen at Colby's request. Similarly, the New York times buried the story on page thirty. Jack Anderson discussed the issue on national television and Colby later wrote, "There was not a chance that we could send the Glomar out again on an intelligence project without risking the lives of our crew and inciting a major national incident."

Jeffrey Richelson's example of withholding a story for national security is not an isolated incident. The May 3, 1992, Washington Post article entitled, Playing I Spy with that Alleged New openness at the CIA, by George Lardner Jr.,

PAO [Public Affairs Office, CIA] now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly and television network in the nation," the report said. "This has helped us turn some 'intelligence failure' stories into 'intelligence success' stories, and it has contributed to the accuracy of countless others. "In many instances" the report continued "we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods."

These powerful government secrecy tools allow classified mind control programs to be conducted out of the public eye. The classification of electromagnetic weapons for over forty years as discussed in the Council of Foreign Relations reports and other sources illustrates how a cold war/post cold war Manhattan-type program could escape public scrutiny. The 1984 BBC TV documentary with Project Pandora director, Dr. Koslov's denial of nonthermal bioeffects and Dr. Becker's comments on a perfect cover story for a large classified electromagnetic weapons program coupled with the subsequent post cold war government funding of nonthermal bioeffects research completely revealed the government's extensive disinformation efforts, the nonthermal bioeffects cover story. On the issue of mind control, the public can expect little or no information to be available and to be presented with confusing disinformation by government experts and scientists. The public will have the difficult job of determining what is true.

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16. Post cold war soviet developments; former Duma member Yuriy Lopatin

No new information has surpassed the work of russian lawyer and Duma member, V.N. Lopatin. Below is a brief summary of his dedicated ten years of russian legislative work on banning mind control weapons. Further information is available at www.mindjustice.org under Russian Translation Project.

For over ten years, V.N. Lopatin has been prominent and influential in the Russian government. He has advocated the banning of Russian mind control weapons and has taken this cause to the UN. Mr. Lopatin has a law degree, was a member of the state Duma of Russia and is currently a Russian government representative to Japan. His 1999 book, Psychotronic Weapons and the Security of Russia includes an outline of the threat of psychotronic weapons and war and the importance of public relations concerning this global threat. Psychotronic weapons include electromagnetic weapons which target the brain and nervous system. He writes of the proposed Russian federal law 'Informational-psychological safety' concerning the protection and defense of rights and lawful interests of citizens and society.

Mr. Lopatin, is mentioned in two unclassified government documents excerpted below, received under a freedom of information act request. A Moscow Russian Public Television program on Oct 6, 1995 entitled Man and Law, Scientists Discuss Mind Control Technology included an interview of Lopatin.

State Duma expert Yuriy Lopatin calling for legislation banning illegal development and sale of mind-control devices.

...A State Duma expert, Yuriy Lopatin says: "Psychotronic Technology is spreading illegally. A law banning the illegal development, production, retailing, and spreading of psychotronic devices which influence the minds and behavior of citizens is badly needed." He goes on to say: "The use of the mass media for psychological experiments should be banned and all the state-ordered research in human genetic experiments should be strictly registered." This was approved by Georgiy Georgiyevich Rogozin, first Deputy Head of the Presidential Security Service.

The following russian article excerpt discusses Lopatin's ten year work to ban mind control weapons. February 11, 2000, Segodnya, The Riders of the "Psychotropic" Apocalypse by Andrei Soldatov;

The Russian deputies intend to discuss the draft law on information security in the country. This decision arose from the fact that the US allegedly created alot of devices, which can destroy information systems in Russia and influence the population.

According to Segodnya, currently the Duma is actively discussing the draft law on the information-psychological security submitted by Vladimir Lopatin. It is possible that the fruit of ten years of work (the works on the draft law began in 1990) will be discussed in the first reading in April.

...Such laws have never been discussed in any country. But this fact does not embarrass the deputies because they discovered that the enemy, which threatens Russia in this sphere, is dreadful and powerful. Secret methods of information-psychological influence can not only harm a person's health, but also lead to "the loss of people's freedom on the unconscious level, the loss of capability of political, cultural and other self-identification, manipulations with social consciousness" and even "the destruction of a common informational and spiritual integrity of the Russian Federation".

This final article describes Lopatin's visit with US Defense Secretary Richard Cheney and Lopatin's press conference at the National Press Club. See also Bulletin of Atomic Scientist, Jan/Feb. 1991 Renegade Russians Grab For Military Control by Jennifer Scheck Lee which reported, "...Yeltsin's September 1990 choice of Lopatin, a former navy officer equivalent to major, to head the republic's new State Committee on Public Security..."

The Xinhua General Overseas News Service;

Xinhua News Agency, October 11, 1990, US defense secretary to visit Moscow

Cheney will stop over in London on his way to Moscow and in Paris on the way back. William's also disclosed today that yesterday, Cheney met with a young soviet military 'reformer', Major Vladimir Lopatin, and had a 'private conversation' with him. He declined to reveal the contents of the conversation. Lopatin, who addressed a press conference at the national press club here today, is in the United States on a visit hosted by 'Global Outlook,' a research institute.

Mr. Lopatin is by far, the most powerful and prominent public figure in the world to advocate a ban on mind control weapons.

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17. Post cold war developments; US Foreign Military Studies Office

Mr. Timothy L. Thomas is a military analyst at the US Army, Department of Defense, Foreign Military Studies Office, (FMSO), Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Here is an excerpt from Military Review, September-October 1999, Human Network Attacks by Mr. Timothy L. Thomas, posted on the FMSO website at; http://fmso.leavenworth.army.mil/

China and Russia, in addition to studying hardware technology, data processing equipment, computer networks and 'system of systems' developments, have focused [on] 'new-concept weapons,' such as infrasound weapons, lasers, microwave and particle-beam weapons and incoherent light sources. ...The Chinese military apparently believes these devices will be used in future war since its doctors are investigating treatment for injuries caused by special types of high-tech or new-concept weapons.

In the past half century the potential for working on the consciousness, psyche or morale of a person, society or the composition of an armed force has grown dramatically. One of the main reasons is the considerable success achieved by many countries in their systematic research in the areas of psychology, psychotronics, parapsychology, other new psychophysical phenomenon, bioenergy, biology and psy-choenergy in the fields of security and defense.

...In fact, the information-psychological factor is so important to the Russian military that it considers the information-psychological operation as an independent form of military activity.

Psychotronics is defined as 'an inter-disciplinary area of scientific knowledge, which, mediated by consciousness and by perceptual processes, investigates distant (noncontiguous) interactions among living organisms and the environment. It studies the energy and information phenomena of such interactions.' See V.D. Tsgankov and V.N. Lopatin, Psikhotronnoe Oruzhie i Bezopasnost' Rossii, Moscow 1999.

A psycho-physical (psychotronic) weapon is defined as 'a technically generated means designed to exert an information and/or energy influence on the functions of the human psyche and on the physiological functioning of human organs and systems. It belongs to the category of non-lethal weapons.' See M.I. Abdurakhmanov, V.A. Barishpolets, V.L. Manilov, V.S. Pirumov, Geopolitika I Natsional'naya Bezopasnost', Moscow, 1998

Mr. Thomas' work was cited as an explanation for claims of mind control victims in July/August 1998, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, All in the (Russian) mind? by Linda Rothstein;

From time to time, the Bulletin gets letters from people claiming to need help because the FBI is controlling their minds through radio waves. Some say their troubles started when they were secretly operated on; others claim that agents inhabit the apartment above, below, or across the street--from which are directed subliminal messages that cause the letter writer much grief.

Mr. Timothy L. Thomas, an analyst at the Foreign Military Studies Office at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, has a term for such assaults on targeted individuals- "psychotronic warfare." And when it comes to developing the tools to succeed in this apparently burgeoning area, he says, the Russians are way ahead. "Information warfare," Thomas explains in the Spring 1998 issue of Parameters, is usually aimed at disrupting modes of communication--telephones, satellites, computers, and so on. But what many US advocates of information warfare have not realized is the importance of targeting the human body, the weakest link in the information chain.

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18. Post cold war soviet developments; Darpa reports by Hudson Institute

Mary C. Fitzgerald is a research fellow at Hudson Institute, a Washington based public policy think tank. Her areas of expertise are defense and national security issues, Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian studies, Russian military and US military. As reported on the Hudson Institute website at http://www.hudson.org/;

Since 1977, Mary C. Fitzgerald has analyzed Soviet/Russian military writings for the DOD [Department of Defense] with a view to defining central concepts in strategy, operational art, and tactics. In addition, she has published the following reports for the US Department of Defense: Russian Views on Electronic and Information Warfare (Volumes I and II), Winter 1996; Russian MOEs for Electronic and Information Warfare, Fall 1997; Impact of the RMA on Russian Military Affairs (Volumes I and II), Spring 1998; and Impact of the RMA on Russian Military Affairs: Addendum, Fall 1998.

Mary Fitzgerald has written an annual report for Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Agency) since 1996 which includes a considerable section on psychotronic weapons. The report is listed above as a US Department of Defense report. Dr. Fitzgerald travels to Russia, attends meetings and conferences with military officials and compiles the annual Darpa report on russian weapons. A freedom of information request to Darpa for the 1997 Darpa report entitled, Russian Views on Electronic and Information Warfare is still pending after almost two years. Many thanks to Tessa Puglia who found an outline of the 1997 report;

Russian Views on Electronic and Information Warfare

September 1997
For official use only

Russian military scientists predict that the new RMA will drive future war toward exploitation of new physical principles, info warfare...

Future war will liberate man from the battlefield and be less physically destructive because its main objectives are to affect the opponent's infrastructure and psychology. Victory will go to the side best able to execute the emerging "Sixth Generation" of warfare.


I. New Physical Principles

  • Geophysical/ecological weapons
  • High-frequency radio/electromagnetic wave weapons, infrasonic weapons
  • Ethnic weapons
  • Directed-energy weapons
  • Psychotronic weapons
  • Plasma weapons
  • Non-lethal weapons
  • Cost-effective
  • Secrecy/surprise...

IV. New Physical Principles

High-frequency wave weapons (infrasonic weapons)

  • Attack all life-sustaining physiological functions (circulatory and nervous systems, internal organs, etc.)
  • Alarm, desperation, horror
  • Mass onset of epilepsy, heart attacks, death
  • Penetration of concrete, metal structures...
  • Detect, monitor, protect against bio-emissions

IX. New Physical Principles

  • Directed, non-contact EM fields in SHF/EHF bands
  • More dangerous than atomic, etc.
  • Suppress willpower/impose "criminal will"
  • Radio waves disrupt brain, central nervous systems
  • Infrasonic waves = fear, panic, etc.
  • Directed irradiation = EM fields from electronic equipment
  • Changes behavior, reactions to events
  • Disrupts functional systems
  • Causes morphological changes in cell tissue
  • Penetrates brick, wood, concrete

X. New Physical Principles

  • ..."Holographic laser"
  • Radiation generator, receiver, device to transform reflected signals...
  • Current phase based on artificial intelligence, expert systems, neural networks, transputers using "acquired" knowledge

"Most important objective may be affecting enemy's psychology"

  • Individual, collective, mass
  • Direct or indirect
  • Destroy institutions, create mass disorder, etc.
  • "Psychological weapons": psychotronic, psychotropic, infrasonic, electromagnetic...

III. Conclusions

New operations: "Supersystems" = jointness

  • ...New Military-Technical Policy: "technological deterrence" = shift from material - to science-intensive
  • Space-based C3I/EW = "supersystems"

Reliable information on russian mind control weapons is difficult to find. Mr. Lopatin, like Dr. Adey and Dr. Becker, is one of the few who have spoken out. With the breakup of the Soviet Union much more information on russian mind control weapons became available. While the long-term US/Russian interest in the weapons continues, less information is publicly available as seen in the very few military analysts who are writing about China and Russian electromagnetic weapons and mind control. This combination of factors is an indication of the very heavy classification and importance of the weapons.

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19. Final analysis; how advanced are US/Russian mind control weapons?

The seriousness of the issue of mind control becomes apparent in the comparison to the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb was public information almost from the start. Nuclear protesters and the general public could express their views on the atomic bomb, international arms control treaties are in place. Mind control and electromagnetic weapons have been heavily classified for over forty years and never publicly used, while being described as powerful as the atomic bomb by many experts. The classified electromagnetic weapons are completely lacking in any evaluation by human rights groups for international treaty compliance and lack any public input or scrutiny.

Advances in neuroscience

The US government today is very interested in decoding the brain, as seen in the proposed human cognome project and funding of neuroscience research for military purposes described in the three new government programs. Government funding and interest in neuroscience and weapons which target the brain and nervous system began during the cold war. After the break up of the Soviet Union, nonthermal bioeffects research funding has expanded significantly and now many of the 2004 government reports strongly recommends and/or is funding further research, in large part for military purposes.

For decades, few breakthroughs for electromagnetic weapons or mind control have been reported and promising research seems to go 'black'. Accidental rare glimpses of classified mind control research have occurred, such as the scandal of 1950s and 60s CIA Mkultra mind control programs exposed in 1970s congressional hearings. The CIA mind control programs have continued in another 1970s supersecret program, according to the Washington Post. One can conclude that Mkultra was successful since experiments continued, despite CIA's half truths that MKultra had ended.

The 1970s Darpa's Richard Cesaro's public claims of success with microwave radiation mind control on monkeys for Project Pandora were never followed up and contradicted the Project Pandora official findings of no nonthermal bioeffects. Lockheed Martin's John Norseen and his 1990s electromagnetic brain signals demonstrations for airport terrorist mind-reading with no follow up research by NASA also illustrate how successful mind control research for national security is moving into classified or 'black' government programs. This long-term government involvement and mind control research going 'black' points to an extensive mind control program, and indicates mind control is one of the deepest secrets of the nation.

Nonthermal bioeffects controversy

Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. Ross Adey's careers in bioelectromagnetism have been exemplary. At a time when few challenged government policies on nonthermal effects of electromagnetic radiation, they publicly spoke out over the years. Dr. Becker lost government funding as a result, while Dr. Adey conducted classified electromagnetic mind control government research. Dr. Becker's books document the long history of the nonthermal bioeffects controversy. Dr. Adey's congressional speech, papers, books and public comments directly challenged military and corporate interests so that a factual record is available.

Avoiding lawsuits would not explain the manner and extent that the US government denied nonthermal effects during the cold war as explained by Dr. Becker and Dr. Adey, especially given the post cold war expansion of development of US weapons based on nonthermal effects. Dr. Becker was right, the denial of nonthermal bioeffects was a perfect cover story for a large, classified electromagnetic weapons program as seen in post cold war government documents. Dr. Adey's question, "How stupid does the US Air Force think the public is?" illustrates how effective the government's suppression of information is. Most people have never heard of the nonthermal bioeffects controversy or that it was a cover story for cold war classified electromagnetic weapons programs.

This post cold war government record clearly illustrates that the nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation are the nexus between electromagnetic weapons and some government neuroscience research. The research programs were interconnected throughout the cold war as a result of nonthermal bioeffects; the basis for some electromagnetic radiation neuroscience research and electromagnetic weapons. Now post cold war analysis gives new meaning to the cold war historical record, that mind control and nonthermal bioeffects weapons research were and are extremely important to national security. New neuroscience research is funded in 'Apollo-like' programs by the military, also indicating just how consequential neuroscience breakthroughs are to national security.

Russian mind control

Like Dr. Becker, the former russian Duma member, V.N. Lopatin warned the public about new weapons in his 1999 book. The very few advocates for control of the new weapons and the very few unclassified sources of information on russian mind control weapons, such as the US Foreign Military Studies Office articles and the Hudson Institute reports for Darpa, (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), is another in a list of indications that mind control is a substantial national security issue.

With a closer look and new post cold war russian information, evidence of a mind control arms race emerges. The historical evidence of the long-term russian interest in electromagnetic weapons as seen in 1970s UN documents and the long history of the nonthermal bioeffects controversy, a prominent russian spokesman proposing legislation to ban russian mind control weapons and the post cold war russian interest in mind control weapons, all surrounded by much secrecy, is considerable evidence of major mind control weapons programs in both Russia and the US. The long-term demonstrated importance of mind control to national security indicates a continuing cold war/post cold war mind control arms race.

Government secrecy

Most people are unaware of the extent of government secrecy. Any research related to mind control and electromagnetic weapons or technologies has been promptly classified and has resulted in a lack of publicly available and reliable information on the issue. In fact, government disinformation is created by government control of research funding, influencing of media information and scientists' use of cover stories for national security issues. Two of the same examples illustrating mind control programs that went 'black' are also illustrative of government disinformation surrounding mind control. The CIA's half-truth about the Mkultra research stopping when in fact it was transferred to a supersecret research project is a clear example of government lying and misinformation. The government's cover story and denial of nonthermal bioeffects for fifty years and Project Pandora's official findings of no nonthermal bioeffects, in light of post cold war government funding of nonthermal bioeffects is clear evidence of government disinformation and also devastating to fifty years of scientific research of public health effects caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields, as few of the epidemiology studies needed have been undertaken.

The public is left to ponder a complex and controversial issue with little hard evidence. And further, there obviously can be no public trust in government concerning mind control when scientists and government officials are on the record for repeatedly using cover stories, lying about mind control research and suppressing unclassified nonthermal bioeffects and mind control research while heavily funding similar classified research.

The goal of the government secrecy system is to keep weapons program and capabilities, plausibly deniable and out of the public's view. With prolonged and extensive US government efforts, that goal has clearly been met for mind control and electromagnetic weapons. Today, the alleged government cover story is that victims are simply mentally ill and there is no need to investigate further. Mainstream press repeatedly dismiss the claims as conspiracy theories. Everyone can agree national security is vital but excessive secrecy that allows MKultra mind control experiments, radiation experiments and now allegations of illegal government mind control experiments without further investigation is especially egregious.

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20. Conclusion

Are nonlethal electromagnetic weapons fully developed mind control weapons? Most people do not believe the US and Russian governments have weapons that can remotely target a person anywhere in the world, read their thoughts, beam messages to their brain, control every nerve in the body and cause great pain. But most people are unaware of new post cold war government funding of mind control programs, the long US/Russian cold war/post cold war history of nonthermal bioeffects weapons and neuroscience developments, and government secrecy surrounding mind control research; information essential in the evaluation of allegations of illegal government mind control experiments. The numerous facts over an extensive time period add up to an emerging picture. The information presented here does provide direct evidence of the development of classified weapons to target the brain and body by major nations, but to what extent is not publicly known.

While there is no direct proof, it is likely that mind control weapons are highly advanced. There is evidence to support the cold war development of a group of electromagnetic mind control weapons more powerful than the atomic bomb but details are scarce. A Manhattan-type program is no longer science fiction according to scientists who authored the NSF's 2002 Converging Technologies report; "With the convergence of new science technologies, science would become ready to succeed in a rapid program to understand the structure and functions of the human mind, The Human Cognome Project." (underline added.) At the least, post cold war programs are expanding, therefore advanced mind control weapons seem certain in the near future.

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21. Mind Justice's position

Mind Justice has gathered victim allegations and evidence that nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation and government mind control research have been developed and are being tested on citizens around the world without their consent. Over 2,000 alleged victims from around the world have contacted Mind Justice since 1996. The information in this paper refutes the cover story of mental illness and conspiracy and a thorough, impartial investigation is warranted.

A brief summary;

  1. over forty years of classified cold war electromagnetic weapons research in Russia and the US, with experts citing excessive secrecy surrounding the weapons,
  2. the long cold war/post cold war history of nonthermal bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation in Russia/US, as a US cold war cover story and a post cold war about-face of US scientific policy for nonthermal bioeffects,
  3. nonthermal bioeffects of radiation is the scientific basis for developing a group of weapons more powerful than the atomic bomb, experts say,
  4. new neuroscience research and electromagnetic weapons funding by the US government after the break up of the Soviet Union,
  5. only a handful of advocates who have spoken out about classified government electromagnetic weapons development in US and Russia,
  6. the national security motive and extreme measures used to protect the US,
  7. billions of national defense dollars available for weapons involving national security,
  8. an all-encompassing government secrecy system, control of scientific research funding, control of flow of media information, cover stories/disinformation by scientists and government officials,
  9. history has shown that national security and federal law favors weapons development with a total disregard for human subjects of classified experiments,
  10. the history of CIA mind control and wide-scale government radiation experiments went unpunished and no new protections for human subjects of secret experiments were passed after the 1990s expose of radiation experiments related to the development of the atomic bomb,
  11. the allegations of mind control experiments is growing worldwide, the alleged cluster of symptoms matches the capabilities of neuroscience and weapons research; numerous experts are calling for an investigation,
  12. the advanced mind control technology is way beyond the resources of a person to document, both technically and financially and while a few victims have detected signals and some have documented evidence there is no evidence tied to the government perpetrators and,
  13. inadequate government whistleblower laws are now in place so that government abuse is highly unlikely to be exposed, according to Government Accountability Project, www.whistleblower.org.

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22. A successful model for overcoming excessive government secrecy

As described in the 2001 book, Secrecy Wars by Professor Philip H. Melanson, the model of the Assassination Records Review Board was a "highly successful and novel experiment in public disclosure". A citizen panel appointed by the president was given full legal access to all agency records relating to the assassination of President Kennedy and 4.5 million documents were released. Professor Melanson recommends this model for areas in which;

  1. There is a historic, long-running subject encompassing both old and new records over a period of many years or decades.
  2. The topic is politically sensitive or contentious.
  3. There is a large volume of records.
  4. The regular disclosure process is not working, in terms of timeframe, reasonable release, or both(that is, too slow, too much secrecy).

Professor Melanson stated that this model could include the radiation exposure of US troops during atomic testing and experimental testing of unwitting human subjects by US military and intelligence agencies. His book describes the process in detail, including that the boards should have a fixed, four-year term and need a staff component of lawyers who are expert regarding disclosure laws and the secrecy system. Professor Melanson's model is tailor-made for an investigation of alleged illegal government mind control experiments. For further information and ideas, please see, http://www.mindjustice.org/04-10-31-cahra2mj.htm

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