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In the ten years I have been actively working as director of Mind Justice, this has been the most exciting year of hope and progress. A tremendous thank you to the Angelic-Harp Foundation for providing the encouragement, confidence and grants to make this possible. Two new projects sponsored by Mind Justice will be completed within the next four to six months. Two generous donations from Angelic-Harp Foundation are making these first-ever opportunities possible. The first project will be completed and posted within the next month. Peter Phillips, director of Project Censored at www.projectcensored.org has been working with two independent professional researchers and analysts of Media Freedom Foundation on an academic paper. The topic is advanced neuroresearch and the possible threats and risks to society.

The Project Censored article will examine human experiments, the development of electromagnetic weapons and the threat to our society. As it has turned out, the January 14th 2007 Washington Post Magazine article on mind control victims will be a compliment to the Project Censored article. A Project Censored abstract of the article will be sent to media outlets and posted on the Project Censored website.

Professor Phillips has given permission to post and disseminate the article by anyone interested. The article, US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights By Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton will be available on the Project Censored website at http://www.projectcensored.org. Look for this paper after January 1st, 2007.

Mind Justice had no editorial control over the paper but I did my best to provide a wide variety of views and information. The interns extensively reviewed information available on the internet.

In September, I sponsored a special 'thank you' dinner for Vincent Cano, director of Angelic-Harp Foundation and the two independent professional researchers and analysts of Media Freedom Foundation, Senior Research Director, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton. Lew and Bridget, with their constantly positive attitudes, have been working overtime on the research for this article since June. Earlier that day, Mike Duffey, Betsy Manning, Jim McCue and others met for two hours with Lew and Bridget so that they could put a human face on the issue. As a result, future studies and projects with Lew and Bridget may possibly be forthcoming.

How can an academic paper help victims and targeted individuals? Of course, other projects are needed to relieve the torture experienced by victims and should be a primary goal, I believe. And it is true that convincing experts such as Project Censored our claims are real is still in the future. The goal of this paper was for a nonvictim experts, i.e. Project Censored, to review the mind control research and to provide credible, reliable information so that the public will better understand the issue.

It took much searching before I found anyone willing to touch this issue. Professor Phillips is unique in that respect and one of the busiest people I have met, always busy working on several media projects. He not only talks but he follows through with hard work. As a result of this paper, other experts, including shielding experts may more readily take this issue seriously and participate in future projects.

The second project will run from November 1st through May 1st 2007. I can't name the scientist until the project is complete but he is a prominent expert in electromagnetic and magnetic bioeffects. He has published several articles and a college course book on the topic. He is well aware of the political and military factors that influence EMF research. The published article entitled Bio-electric Terrorism posted on my website at http://mindjustice.org/russian8-06.htm was provided to Mind Justice by this scientist. And he has networked with the famous EMF expert, Dr. Ross Adey.

This scientist has agreed to the following: to make a thorough and unbiased review of published materials from the viewpoint of theoretical and experimental physics, based on his experience in EMF-Bio effects. A 20-30 page paper an analytical study focused on the State-of-the-Art in the 'Electromagnetic mind-control' and 'Electromagnetic weapons'.

I will be posting the final paper on my website. Efforts to publish the article are planned. EMF weapons are heavily classified and human rights experts have little information on the weapons, let alone the science behind the weapons. This paper will be a big step forward in dispelling the myth that EMF mind control weapons are future technologies. And again, with this paper, experts may be more willing to take this issue seriously and participate in future projects.

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