Photos from the 1999
72 page book
by N. Ansimov entitled

Psychotronic Golgotha

with comparisons to U.S. protestors

Newworld Dictionary: Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified.
1. a burial place. 2. a place of agony or sacrifice.

Also see Psychotronic Golgatha by by N.I. Anisimov, 1999

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Russian Protests 1

Three protest signs, left to right:
1. Psychotronic Genocide is the work of the Central
    Committee Communist Party! Nuremberg-2 Inevitable!
2. SOS! Russia is in Danger of Going Psychotronic
3. No psychotronic weapons! no psychofascism!

Russian Protestors 2

If the government is going from communism to fascism,
then where are we going?


Russian Protestors 3

The FSB is using psychotronic weapons. They can control,
paralyse, and send to prison or a psychiatric ward anyone they want to.


Russian Protestors 4

People! Your private and intimate lives are
under the control of the "special Service" and the military.


Russian Protestors 5

Central Committee Russian Communist Party and KGB-
Officially stop the government from using
psychotronic weapons against the people.


Russian Protestors 6

International Day to fight for the prohibition of psychotronic weapons.
(September 10th)


Russian Protestors 7

No psychotronic weapons. No psychofascism.
Take the Central Committee Communist Party
and KGB to an international tribunal!

Translation by Ramon Ruelas

U.S. victims protest classifed nonconsensual weapons experiments

California State Capitol
November 17, 2002


Special Assignment


Do you believe in government mind control?

Sacramento Protestors

REPORTER - Ross Blackstone
APPEARED ON - News at 5:00, News at 6:00, THE 10:00 News (11/17/00)

Imagine everywhere you go, someone is watching you, reading your thoughts, and controlling your mind.

Periodically over the past several decades, we've heard of situations when the U.S. government has experimented on human beings. Some cases have involved nuclear weapons, others, LSD and mind control. Is it possible something similar could happen to us right now without our knowledge? In this special assignment, Ross Blackstone introduces us to northern Californians who say it is and they have proof.

Sacramento Protestors 2 They believe the government is sending radio waves to directly effect the unique electromagnetic waves in their brains.

Imagine everywhere you go, someone is watching you, reading your thoughts, and controlling your mind.

Pictures "Courtesy of KOVR13 News"

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