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Sponsored by CAHRA [now Mind Justice],
Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse
Cheryl Welsh, Director
Feb. 2001

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Thanks to an anonymous tip, CAHRA [now Mind Justice] is sponsoring the translation of the 1999 Russian book, "Psychotronic War and Security of Russia", by V.N. Lopatin and V.D. Tsygankov. "Psychotronic" includes electromagnetic radiation, (emr) and mind control weapons.

CAHRA [now Mind Justice] has purchased this 150 page book and has hired a team of UC Davis students, under the guidance of several UC Davis Russian Studies professors, to translate this book. The student team leader has a double major in Russian and International Relations.

Background information

Yuriy Lopatin, author of the Russian book, is mentioned in two unclassified government documents received under a freedom of information act request. The subject was a Moscow Russian Public Television program on Oct 6, 1995 entitled "Man and Law", Scientists Discuss Mind Control Technology. The program included an interview of  "State Duma expert Yuriy Lopatin calling for legislation banning illegal development and sale of mind-control devices." The documents stated further, "A State Duma expert, Yuriy Lopatin says: "Psychotronic Technology is spreading illegally. A law banning the illegal development, production, retailing, and spreading of psychotronic devices which influence the minds and behavior of citizens is badly needed." He goes on to say: "The use of the mass media for psychological experiments should be banned and all the state-ordered research in human genetic experiments should be strictly registered. This was approved by Georgiy Georgiyevich Rogozin, first Deputy Head of the Presidential Security Service."

A highly recommended, credible book on a topic rarely written about

An AP reporter familiar with the emr issue, recommended translating this book after reviewing an excerpt. The UC Davis Russian Studies professor was impressed with Lopatin. At forty, according to the biography in the book, he had accomplished alot and held a high position in the Russian government. The second author, a radio engineer or scientist, V.D. Tsigankov is also well recommended.

A Russian view of mind control weapons not reported
in the western press and a strong recommendation of this book

The person who gave the anonymous tip wrote the following insightful information, which correlates which the 25 Russian articles which CAHRA [now Mind Justice] has collected from the library database Lexis Nexis. (See CAHRA [now Mind Justice] Russian Translation Results article for a partial list of the Russian articles.)

"There is also published in 1999 in Moskow very serious and fundamental book by Lopatin. He is author of the third legislation project, the chairman of Dumas Ecological Committee before the autumn of 1999. I have read about Emilia Cherkova and her group in Russian book "Psychotronic War" by A.Vinokurov and M.Gurtovoi, edited in Moskow in 1993. This organization had approximately 500 members in 1990-1993, mostly democratic activists from Russia and Moskov - victims, targeted by KGB using infrasonic and psychotronic weapon in combination with direct "hunting" on the cities streets.

Even after the dead of USSR in 1991, in the summer of 1992 KGB in Russia hired graduated students from medical universities (psychiatrists, psychoanalytics) to work in secret laboratories on human behavior control experimentation. After the second victory of democracy in October 1993 the hunting on people was officially prohibited. But a large amount of psychotronic devices had been sold to criminals and different kinds of private Security Services. After that this devices often used for apartment extortion, criminal attacks, and racket.

In Russian Parliament from 1993 till 1999 were prepared 3 different legislation projects against human behavior control experimentation and non-lethal weapon harassment, but no one had been accepted. In Ukrainan and Russian press from 1990 published a lot of articles concerning development and usage of psychotronic weapon (psychotronic generators) on the territory of former USSR and in Ukraine, and now I have found a lot of resources In Russian and Ukrainan segments of Internet."

The table of contents of the Lopatin book has been translated and includes the following highlights

Chapter 1. The Problem of Psychotronic Weapons and Psychotronic War.
Chapter 2. The Informational Foundations of PSO
Chapter 3. The Physical-Biological Basis of PSO
Chapter 3.1. Elementary Particles, The Interaction of Radiation and Matter
Chapter 3.2. Chromosomal Target, Mitogenetic Rays and A.G. Gorvich's Biological Fields
Chapter 4. Types of PSO, Its Harmful Factors and Field Applications
Chapter 4.3 Hypnosis
Chapter 4.6 Telepathy
Chapter 4.14 Technical Means of PSO, Interactions
Chapter 4.15 Neurocomputers As Possible PSO Means
Chapter 5.4 V.I. Vernadki's Noosphere and the Russian Nationalist Idea
Chapter 6. State Defense Initiative and Conceptions of Arms
Chapter 6.1 ONSD- Weapons of Nonfatal Effect
Chapter 6.2. Financial Fights in the U.S. Military
Chapter 6.3. Conception of PSO Weapons
Chapter 7. Legal Problems of Defense From Informational Weapons
Chapter 7.1. Topicality of Problems, Forms, And Harmful Information
Chapter 7.3 State System of Guaranteeing Informational-Psychological Safety
Chapter 7.4 Informational Weapons in Informational War
Chapter 7.5 Particularities in Legal Protection and the Proper Defense for Informational Systems

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